Worn Out

June 3, 2009

Worn Out, originally uploaded by pixielove.

Mom’s been home a lot lately and she sings the word “sabbatical” all the time.

The first day, I thought this word meant “go to the park” and it was awesome.

The second day, I thought it meant “walk through the neighborhood” and it was awesome.

Today, I realized it means “work the poor doggies until they crumple into a heap of tired bones on the cold tile floor.”

I don’t know why she’s so happy.


Medieval Torture Device

June 2, 2009

Medieval Torture Device, originally uploaded by pixielove.

Dad has one-upped me in this game.

The tiny box startles me when I’m in the outdoor chat room talking with other dogs. It sometimes sends a sharp sting if I get into heated debate with an intruder in my territory.

Mom disapproves, but she makes me wear it in the car. I spit on the dash to show my feelings about this. But then I worry she might think I do not love her, so I stand on the back of her seat all the way to the dog park and pant in her ear.

That’s love.


This Beagle’s All A-Twitter

September 9, 2008

For my fellow Austin canines, follow me on Twitter to find out what park we’re hitting next!

Twitter ID: jackthebeagle


The Long Swim

August 10, 2008

Summer is hot in Austin; we’re in a record-breaking heat wave. Barton Springs is where you’ll find me these days–just outside the gated area in the spillway. Mom & Dad call it ‘White Trash.’

Today, a giant Rottweiler pooped in the water. Some of it sank; some of it floated away. All of it was disgusting.

I dream of running loose on the other side of the creek. Today, I jumped into the water and went for a swim. I swam all the way across and tried to make a dash for the stone stairs, but Dad caught me before I could get to the other bank.

One day. Then they’ll be sorry they taught me to swim.


Rude Parents

August 3, 2008

My parents are rude. Mom most of all.

Dad gave me a bath today; Mom took pictures.



Beagles Never Sleep

July 30, 2008

I only get to sleep when the humans are away. They’re suspicious creatures, not to be trusted…so I always have one eye open when they’re home.

To prove my point about how untrustworthy they are, Dad caught me in a weak moment asleep on my favorite chair. I couldn’t help myself – it’s usually covered with Mom’s clothes and bags and shoes and things so I can’t get comfortable enough to sleep. But she finally cleaned it off and I snuggled up for a nap. I thought I was safe because everyone else was asleep.

Never trust humans. They photograph you while you’re sleeping.


Burns and Zelda

July 27, 2008

There are strange small furry creatures that live in my house. They have sharp claws that often hurt my nose. Two of them seem to be in love–Mr. Burns and Zelda.

You might not believe it by the way Burns treats her in front of the camera,

but they always make up later.